Everyone loves driving in their vehicles for the convenience. When you are familiar with the road you are driving on you tend to drive faster which can be dangerous not just for you but other road users. Many drivers tend to disregard traffic signs and they drive through stop signs or pay no attention to the speed limit. Sometimes you do not even know you are doing it. There is therefore need to slow down drivers, this is referred to as traffic calming. One of the most visible traffic calming methods is by use of speed bumps. Speed bumps are often found on roads that are hazardous to drivers and pedestrians and also in parking lots. Below are a few things you did not know about bumps.

  1.  Speed humps and bumps are different
    Many people often get the two confused. Bumps are often made use of in low speeds of 5 miles or less per hour. They are steep on both sides and are typically around 3 to 6 inches high. Due to their design the drivers are forced to use a very low speed or endure the discomfort of being bounced sharply in the car. Speed humps on the other hand are longer and flatter when compared to speed bumps. They are often found in residential areas. They are also used as cross walks for the pedestrians. A driver can comfortably cross over a hump at a speed of 15 to 20 miles per hour.
  2.  They can be made from different materials
    In most cases the bumps will be made from durable material such as concrete or asphalt to ensure they last long but other materials can be used. Other materials that can be used include rubber, metal or even recycled plastic. The advantage of using rubber bumps is that they can be put on a road and be removed later after they have served their purpose.
  3.  They have different names
    You probably thought they are referred to as speed bumps all over the world but that is not the case. They have different nicknames in different parts of the world. In Argentina for example they are often referred to as donkey’s back or dead person in Puerto Rico. Even though they might have different names it just goes to show that they are important all over the world.

The bumps were designed to improve road user safety not just for the drivers but also for the pedestrians. In parking lots they are also often used to reinforce the stop sign that most drivers ignore. They can also be used to reduce the general risk of accidents occurring in residential streets or in parking lots.

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