Having an accurate, real-time picture of one’s health is invaluable for addressing developing conditions before they snowball into something far worse. Rapid responses to acute concerns increase survival rates and diminish treatment costs dramatically.

Though more than 200 healthcare startups have received significant funding or announced major developments in the past year, three in particular stand out from the crowd with innovations that are saving lives while reducing the presence of invasive, bulky instruments.


Chronic seizures can be debilitating, and without warning of when one will occur, their consequences may be devastating. Healthcare startup, BioLert, is working to change this with a smartphone/smartwatch-based app that alerts patients to when a seizure is about to begin.

Through the use of its proprietary algorithm that makes predictions based upon the user’s vital signs, not only does BioLert increase patients’ awareness of their condition, it also incorporates their data into a larger pool that researchers will be able to use to better understand seizure disorders.

Babylon Health

This subscription-based healthcare service is democratizing access to medical care, regardless of where a patient is located. It’s subscriber base of almost 300,000 can depend on the healthcare startup to connect them via video conferencing and text to top-rated providers of all specialties, making it so that they can immediately consult with a doctor — even if they live in a rural or underserved location.

Though the service is presently available in the UK and Rwanda exclusively, the company plans to expand rapidly, spreading the coverage of their network throughout the globe.

Nicotrax, Inc

Smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable death on the planet. Healthcare startup Nicotrax, however, is working to stop nicotine addiction in its tracks with their app that provides users with a custom-made blueprint for putting down the butts.

The app works by aggregating users’ behaviors, and providing predictive insights on which actions are most likely to trigger smoking. In this way, users discover ways to steer clear of actions that lead to them lighting up, and prevent their quitting efforts from going up in smoke.

The Bottom Line

Innovative apps are helping patients respond rapidly to warning signs, and helping them get critical insights into their past behavior. Moreover, for those unable to access life-saving consultations, healthcare startups are enabling doctors to go to them.  Through novel ideas and emerging technologies, these startups are helping many live longer, healthier lives.

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