Those of us who have traveled for business more times than we can remember have built up an arsenal of tricks for finding the right hotel for your extended visit.  For those of us who have not traveled more times than we can count might need a bit of help finding the right place to stay.

By picking the right hotel, you can swing the mood of any bad day, rest easy and actually revitalize at night, and start every day off on the right foot.  The wrong hotel can ensure you have a miserable time, even on a successful trip.   

Whether you are fresh blood or a seasoned veteran, there are things your hotel needs to provide if you are going to have a successful business trip, so we put together a list of 4 must haves for any hotel you stay in when you travel for business.

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1 A Great Rate

Getting a great rate isn’t an art, it just takes time and a keen eye.  It today’s world, finding the best rates on hotels is just a simple search on the internet.  Travel sites like Expedia put together different hotels on the same page, this is even true for the rare searches like “Iceland hotels.”  They give you the information on all the hotels in the area and their rates.  You can even compare hotels side by side, and bundle them with your plane ticket to save money.  

2 A Great Breakfast

Starting the day right is essential for good business.  You want to make sure that you find a hotel that has breakfast in the morning, so you can start your day with a hot meal, revitalizing juice, and a great cup of joe.  In other words, you can get off on the right food with the right food.

Search for a hotel that makes their breakfast a selling point past “complimentary continental breakfast.”  Instead, try to find the hotels that want you to know the details of everything included in your breakfast.  Those hotels are normally the best.

3 A Great Bed

A great bed is the essential of any great hotel.  If you don’t find the deal or hunt down the breakfast, make sure you still find somewhere that has a great bed.  

In a hotel, you bed sort of turns into your place to put everything, so you want to make sure it’s good.  You snack there, you get ready with your clothes laid out on your bed, and, most importantly, you sleep there.  Getting good sleep is the best way to prepare for any stressful day.  If you have to, call them and ask about the type of beds they use.  It’s not crazy, it’s important.

4 A Great Internet Connection

A great internet connection is a must for the modern business executive, so you hotel should empower you with free high speed internet.  If you don’t find a place that provides this service to all of it’s customers, you might stumble into a business expense you weren’t expecting to have to budget.  

Some places provide free internet services at limited speeds, and make you pay for the fast lanes.  Make sure you really look into what you are getting with your “free internet” at any hotel, and budget that $100 internet charge if you need to.

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Finding the right hotel can be easy in today’s world, but we have to know what to look for and where to look for it.  When you find the right hotel, you will know.

Take it from Nate Robertson, the co-founder of

“When you are on a business trip for a month or two, your hotel room becomes your home away from home.  Make sure you are comfortable there.”

Nate should know, he has been helping people all over the world with his awesome travel videos and packing tips, so you can only imagine the types of business trips he has been on.

Do you have any special amenities you look for in a hotel when you are traveling for business?  Maybe there’s a special phrase you look for that always leads to best hotels on a budget.  Share your tips and tricks for finding the best hotels in the comments below.

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