The culture of glamorising movies by taking shots on picturesque locations is not a new trend in Bollywood. It has been attracting viewers and giving them travel goals since decades. Let’s forget about the foreign destinations for a while; Goa is one of the hottest destinations for movie buffs because of the Bollywood. Lots of movies of Bollywood are created with picturesque Goa as backdrop location.

Here we are talking about 5 Bollywood Movies that gave the viewers major Goa Goals. You can easily get cheap airfare from Delhi to Goa but don’t forget to watch these movies before packing your bags for Goa.

EkDujeKeLiye (1981)

This cross-cultural romantic movie showed love affair between a South-Indian boy and a North Indian girl that ended very tragically. The movie can still bring tears to the eyes of viewers. It was noted and loved till date because of its strong story and scripts in addition to the great acting by the actors. But, if you can take away your eyes from the characters you’ll notice some greatscenery in the background. The movie featured some great locations of Goa namely – Arvalem Waterfall, Mayem Lake, Dona Paula Beach, Anjuna Beach and St. Augustine Tower.

Guzaarish (2010)

The drama film narrates thestory of a paralyzed magician turned radio jockey who wants the permission of thecourt to end his life. The majorportions of the movie are shot in indoor locations, but there are some really beautiful outdoor location scenes showing the beauty of Goa. In fact,the indoor set too was aPortuguese style mansion that shows striking features of old houses of Goa. When Hritik is taken out in a wheelchair, the viewers are greeted with beautiful palm trees and pristine beaches of Goa.

Chennai Express (2013)

This romantic comedy starring Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone won many hearts. The storyline and comedy were good, but the amazingly attractive scenes of the movie stole away viewers’ attraction. The whole movie was shot at different locations of India. The Vasco Da Gama Railway Station of Goa was portrayed as the Kalyan Junction Railway Station in the movie. And the Dudhsagar Fallsis pictured at its best twice in the movie. The Chennai Express runs past the lake, and it is also used as the backdrop when Rahul and MeenammameetMeenamma’s father at her village.

Drishyam (2015)

A thriller film that revolved around love and bonding of a middle-class family. The plot of the film was based on a family that lived in Goa. Unlike other Bollywood movies, this film did not portray any location like some other location. This story of Goa was shot in Goa. However, there are no big names or tourist destinations in Goa that you can link to the movie. Drishyam was mostly shot in therural side of Goa where you don’t find crowds of outsiders. The movie made it evident that unseen parts of Goa are no less beautiful than the major tourist attractions.

Finding Fanny (2014)

This is a Bollywood satirical comedy that was shot in English and then later dubbed in Hindi. The movie covered various villages across Goa including Cortalim, Saligao, Parra, Aldona, Socorro and Assagao. This is a movie that portrays different aspects of Goa’s beauty in almost its every scene. Apart from the scenic beauty the movie also shows some cultural aspects of Goa.

After watching these movies, you get the idea about different scenic locations of Goa. These movies will give you a long list of itinerary that will push you to hunt for cheap flight tickets online and experience the beauty of Goa on your own.

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