If you’re pursuing a filming classroom session, and intended to make a career in this vast glamorous industry, many times you will have the chance to see and learn how a movie or TV serial sequences are filmed. Clayton Hutson says that you will find a group of knowledgeable experts who play different roles in the production house. Other than actors, some of these major roles are explained here.


The producer is, in essence, the enterprise leader, entrepreneur and plays the essential role for managing and overseeing the production right from the beginning to the end. The producer is the person who develops the entire project based on ideas as well, with the help of his script writer; he is responsible to arrange the finance for managing the film, paying actors, crew members. Clayton Hutson states that keeping close coordination with the director, technicians, understanding their different issues, resolving the issues occur in the settings are some of his major functional areas.


Undeniably, the person who comes next the producer is the director of the film. As the role implies, his primary responsibility is directing; assembly and overseeing the shooting arranged at different spots or film studios. Many times directors themselves play the role of author of the film or as a visionary of his/her production. However, it is not mandatory and typically in the majority of film author and directors are different persons. Directors perform the key role when it comes to the production, however, he is dependent on actors, technicians and artists and that needs him to be extremely friendly and cooperative.

Script writer or Screen writer

The viewers of the movie or TV serial sought applaud or clap watching their favorite actors to pitch dialogues in a film. Basically, with their great acting skill, they present these dialogues in the natural way and thus, impress the viewers. But do you know who is behind all these major activities? Yes, these are crafted with utmost care by the script writer. Basically, his role is more than just providing dialogues for the artists. The professional forms the sequences of varied events based on the story and make certain that there is proper synchronization among them.

Production Designer

Prior to each shot is filmed; it’s the production designer who translates the script into easy and natural visual form. This is done wonderfully by the technique called storyboard. What is that? It is an array of sketches designed on panels that demonstrates the visual advancement of the story from one to another scene. Once again they must be continual and well harmonized.

Art Director

The function of art director is immense in making the film settings. He visualizes the ideas of landscapes, interiors, building, forestry, roadways according to the demand of the shot. These days they are modified with the help of animation.


Also known DP or the director of photography, a major role when it comes to the functioning of production house; He pays attention to lighting needs, camera technicalities and instructs the camera man for capturing various episodes.

Costume Designer

Costumes communicate a big deal in course of the filming period. The characters wear them as per the demand of their roles, which shows their family or economical status, role played, occupation and so on.


Once the film of TV shooting starts, the editor start organizing the footage and arranges them as per individual shots. He also decides which shots are to be used or deleted.

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