Available in a range of colors in dealerships all around Baltimore, the 2017 Toyota Prius Baltimore is now with us. This car is everything the urban phrase “one smooth ride” describes. The various trims and models are in such a way as to address all types of customers. They even include adjustments for affordable pricing. We also made the vehicle with a huge safety consideration. It boasts of mouthwatering features such as the Blind Spot Monitor as well as the Rear Cross Traffic Alert, among others.

Features, models, and adjustments.

The standard features include four-wheel anti-lock brakes, a gas engine (1.8l 1-4 121hp), and 2-speed CVT transmission with overdrive. It has airbags for all seats each with an occupancy sensor, cruise control, 15-17inch aluminum wheels, electronic stability, and distance pacing. These basics are among many other conveniences, entertainment, and aesthetic features, depending on the model. Various smart technologies such as Intelligent Parking Assist and Clearance Sonar are also available.

The bold, sleek shape of the exterior and the LED lighting features make it one beautiful car worth noticing on the roads. The interior design pivots on comfort with ample space and redesigned seats with the safety features mentioned above. The car has reduced vibration and noise, and the air conditioning is also automatic.

The company made a few tweaks and came up with the pocket-friendly Toyota Prius One. While it still retains the same excellent quality of a Prius, this new model has cut the price down with more than $1000 from the previous base models. For the small price tag, the car does not come with a spare tire, driver, and passenger seat pockets and a rear wiper. You can, however, enjoy the full Prius experience with the other models. These include the Prius Two, Two Eco, Three, Three Touring, Four, and Four touring.

Visit any showroom in your locality to try out the different variations and get the exact feel so that you are sure about your purchase. Shop around all our dealerships in Baltimore for a good offer according to the car specifications you want. The prices start at a little more than $20,000 for a Prius One and higher depending on the specifications of the other models. Shop online as well to get more information on the price, the car type, the terms and conditions of sale and so that you can find what you want. Enjoy a smooth car experience with the any Toyota Prius today. For more information, contact us.

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