Having the sedentary life sometimes results in the weight gain and this in turns develops many of the health issues. People work out to maintain weight or we can say to lose weight. But here is a problem where the person stops eating to lose weight and actually they are depriving themselves. This is known as anorexia nervosa or simply we can say anorexia. Lots of people do exercise and spend the time to lose weight but those who are not having the good results have the last option with them and that stops eating.

Stopping eating means they are inviting many diseases, it can’t work for the weight loss.  When we talk about anorexia it is an eating disorder that people choose for losing weight. Sometimes it leads to starvation and this starving can’t give you the aim of losing weight anymore. Anorexics usually do exercise but stop eating food and this is actually the cause of decreasing the body energy and can also affect the mental health.

Have you ever heard of the magical plant known as medical marijuana? Anorexics have the phobia of weight gain and they are so scared of it that they stop eating. This plant is nowadays popular for its medicinal property but it is not legal to grow it anywhere without any concern. Every part of it is used to prepare medicine like leaves, roots, seed, flower, and stem. Cancer, depression, anxiety, chronic pain like fatal diseases can be cured by using this medical marijuana.

Treatment of all these diseases and illness are possible thanks to the great work of this medical use of marijuana. A migraine and arthritis-like health issues can be treated well with this magical plant. Thanks to the research that there are now a lot of new minor ailments that marijuana can treat.

Anorexia actually people have the only motivation to lose weight. If you see from the eyes of anorexics then they are not skinny or thin. Anorexia is the effective way to lose weight but it is not the best way to keep the body fit. Sometimes people with anorexia have health issues like irregular heartbeat and they can even have the cardiac arrest. Loss of bone and mass, infertility and delayed growth like issues surround them.

A person who is having the extra fat and that can result in various fatal diseases then anorexia can become the best option to lose weight. Never go for this when you are having the less body mass as it can result into the starvation and can harm your body.

Some of the tips for those who want to lose weight properly:

  • Exercise is must means burning of extra fats
  • Consult the expert what to have before and after the workout
  • Eat a balanced diet or you can skip the fatty food
  • Drink lots of water
  • Never go for the total dependent on medications to lose weight
  • Meditation and yoga are very effective

Losing weight is good for those with extra fat but maintain body weight is good for those who are not living with the extra fats. Stay healthy and keep yourself educated with the body related information.

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