Certain elements of usability must be present on your website so that the visitors may find the information, easily and quickly that they are looking for. In this article, we describe what they are and what advantages each one offers.

Basic features of a well-developed website

The structure of the website must be visually intuitive and easy to use, it is important that, at a glance, the following elements can be identified in a clear and consistent manner throughout the site:

Header Logo

Shouldn’t be blurry, not badly trimmed, not pixelated.

Under the logo, a short phrase that indicates exactly what your company is doing. For example under the logo of Edkent Media says “Strategize.Execute.Profit”

Navigation Bar

It must remain in the same place on all the inside pages, although it may be in another place on the cover if there is a good justification. Being always in the same place, the visitor knows at all times where to look for other options. The different levels of options should be indicated visually with fonts, bold, colors or drop-down menus. The texts of each option should be clear and concise. If your website has many sections and you have to create two or three menu levels, do not hesitate to do so, as long as you create an easy path to intuit.

Main Content Area

It is the area where the visitor’s view goes after quickly looking through the header. Here you must put in your information.

In many cases, it is very useful to have a sidebar, in which you can place easily accessible information, such as telephone numbers or a link to your quote form.

Features That Make The Visit To A Website Pleasant And Useful

  • Light pages that download quickly. The format and style of the different elements are centralized in a single file so that the browser only has to read it once.
  • Technical elements that facilitate indexing in Internet search engines: Inclusion of Meta tags “Description” and “Keywords” with well-written information without attempts to deceive Internet searchers.
  • Do not use frames. This avoids some possible display errors in the browser and makes printing easier.
  • Use of easily readable fonts and a tool to allow the text to grow. There is an estimate that 75% of adults use some type of glasses to correct vision.
  • All pages will have an absolute URL. That is, each page will have a different and unique address in the address bar of your browser (it may seem obvious, but there are websites that do not work that way). Doing it correctly, it is possible for the visitor to add your page to favorites or send a link to a certain product by e-mail.


These characteristics are the basic ones that a website must have, but an evaluation must be done according to the project and the client’s requirements for a great work to be done. Check out Edkent Media to map out a better strategy for your project.

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