Los Angeles has one of the strong real estate markets in the world.  While residential property owners continue to see strong valuation increases, it is also true for commercial property owners.  Since Los Angeles commercial properties are so valuable, it is important that they are properly covered by insurance.  When buying commercial property insurance Los Angeles property owners will benefit several ways.

Natural Disaster Protection

When buying commercial property insurance Los Angeles property owners will first benefit from getting protection and coverage from natural disasters.  Like many other areas of California, Los Angeles has a higher risk of earthquakes and fire than other areas of the country.  Those that have a full policy will receive the coverage necessary to repair their properties if they are damaged due to a natural disaster.

Liability Coverage

When you obtain a commercial property policy for your building you will also receive some liability coverage.  A commercial property policy will include a certain level of liability protection as well.  This means that if a visitor or employee of the property is injured while on site, you will receive liability protection from the insurance company.

Vandalism and Theft

Many commercial property owners have a significant amount of inventory and assets in the property.  If your building is broken into and items are damaged or stolen, you could receive additional financial support from your insurance company to cover the costs of repairing or replacing these items.  Some umbrella policies could also include business interruption insurance in the event you are not able to operate until the property is repaired.

Tax Deduction

Another advantage of getting a commercial property insurance Los Angeles policy is that it is fully tax deductible.  When you own a commercial property, all of your operating expenses, including insurance, will be deducted against your rental income for the purpose of determining taxes.  If you happen to have triple-net leases in your property, you likely will also be able to bill the entire cost of the insurance to your tenants.

In conclusion, Los Angeles commercial properties can be a great investment.  To ensure your investment is properly protected, it is important to get a commercial property insurance policy as it will protect you a number of different ways.

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