For residential fencing Austin Texas residents often seek privacy, but it’s possible to choose fencing options with noise reduction in mind too. Noise reduction can help to dampen outside traffic and pedestrian noises. It can also help to dampen noises coming from your own yard if you don’t want to bother anyone with your activities.

Can a Fence Really Help to Reduce Noise?

What many people don’t understand is sound waves travel in distinct paths. It’s possible to cut them off, reflect them, or absorb them. Each one of these things can help to lower or muffle sounds. You can achieve some of these results with residential fencing.

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How fencing can reduce noise

A fence can bounce or absorb a lot of noise. The fewer gaps in the fence, the more effectively it can reduce noise levels.

In addition, the height of the fence matters as well. When sound can’t travel through the gaps in a fence, it will try to travel over or under the fence. So a high, gapless fence will block off many of the paths sound tries to use.

Help Your Fence to Help You Reduce Noise

A fence can help all on its own, but there’s a few things you can do to make it more effective. For example, adding shrubs or trees can help the fence block out noise more efficiently.

For instance, if your fence has a gap underneath it, it’s a good idea to plant plants or shrubs along the gap. It can help to scatter noise that tries to get through. If you cannot erect a high enough fence, trees can help to take care of some of the noise that tries to travel over the fence.

There are actually brands of noise reducing fences. They’re typically made of materials specifically designed to absorb or reflect sound. There’s many options for residential fencing Austin Texas homeowners can take advantage of.

However, no matter if you’re replacing an old fence or having a new one installed, you need to have the work done professionally. While a fence can help with noise reduction, it loses much of its effectiveness if installed poorly.

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