When you work with a certified auto appraiser, you know you’re working with the best in the business. We come to you and take a careful and complete look at your vehicle. We use an extensive database of comparable recent sales, and you get the results of our findings within hours of us finishing it. This gets you the information you need to be able to insure or sell your vehicle much faster than other agents.

You’ll also receive a printed and bound report in addition to the digital copy. This comes in the mail and includes dozens of photos of your vehicle to document its customizations, options, and more.

We are committed to assisting custom and classic vehicle owners in the protection of their investment. We do this by providing thorough documentation of the value of the vehicle. Our certified appraisal reports are available for antique cars, custom trucks, street rods, custom bikes, boats, RVs, and more! We can appraise any type of vehicle that you own so that you can make the best decisions possible to protect your investment.

Each of our appraisers is an expert in the field. They typically come from a background of buying, selling, customizing, and restoring vehicles before they ever become appraisers. Then they complete our rigorous training process on the best ways to document and determine the value of a vehicle.

With our report in-hand, you can confidently approach your insurance company, a potential buyer, a judge, or anyone else with an interest in the current value of your vehicle. The appraisal will have been done according to industry standards and focuses on your vehicle, not on our company. It won’t have been based on the appraiser’s opinion but, instead, on market research.

There have been cases where individuals have impersonated a certified auto appraiser and have provided fraudulent appraisal reports. Your report will have a unique appraisal report number and a watermark on each printed page. If you think that you’ve been a victim of a fraudulent appraisal, definitely call our office. You want to be sure that your appraisal holds water when it is time for it to be used in the courtroom or insurance office.

A certified auto appraiser is an independent agent who will accurately determine the value of your vehicle. You can rest assured knowing that the report that you receive was completed after a thorough examination and documentation of your vehicle.

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