Medical science has resolved many of our longstanding killer illnesses by discovering complete cures or prevention techniques for them. These include smallpox and plague which have been eradicated thanks to the health measures taken by organizations, governments and the people alike. Yet, what we have not been able to find is a complete cure for cancer. Cancer, which can show up in any part of the human body is feared by most people. It is more dangerous for people who do not have access to proper medical care.

Medical science may not have been able to find a fail-safe way to cure cancer but it has found out early detection techniques and various different ways of treating cancer. This is required even more so, today, in the times of ozone layer depletion and global warming. Exposure to ultraviolet rays are causing more cancers worldwide on the skin. Melanoma is one such cancer. While Caucasians are far more prone to fall prey to skin cancers like melanoma and Basal Cell Carcinoma, incidences among other races are increasing too. Melanoma is almost always treatable when detected early and the person can go back to their old quality of life. However, detecting cancer early requires the patient to have access to proper healthcare and that is where the poor find themselves unable to support their treatment.

Early detection of melanoma is crucial to the survival of the patient. Therefore, if you have any of the warning signs of melanoma you should see the doctor immediately. Melanomas usually arise from moles in the body therefore you should always be careful of any change in the patterns of these moles. Remember the ABCDE rule of suspecting a melanoma.

  1. Asymmetrical
  2. Border
  3. Color
  4. Diameter
  5. Evolving

If your mole fits all these criteria, you need to check for cancer. However, tests for cancer detection are expensive and if you do not have the resources for it, you can resort to crowdfunding. However, when you put up your fundraiser, make sure you mention that this is the detection stage and if you do have cancer, you will need more funds. Once this fundraiser is up and about, you need to publicize your campaign. Here are some ways of publicizing your cancer crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Call up as many people as you possibly can and inform them of your fundraiser. Send them the links to the fundraiser on their email IDs.
  2. Contact friends and family and share the fundraiser with them.
  3. Remember that the point in medical fundraising is to go beyond the family. You should aim for people outside your social circles.
  4. A great way of doing this is to raise money with a team. This enables you to have back up while you are raising money. Your team will take care of your campaign when you are busy for some reason at the hospital or something else.
  5. If you think one fundraiser is not enough to reach the number of people you want to, you can start a group of fundraisers as support fundraisers and have your team share them in their own social circles. This is a good way of cutting across circles and might help you raise more money.
  6. Keep everyone in the loop. This will enable people who have donated for the detection to donate again for the treatment.

Crowdfunding for cancer is safe and risk free. It does not involve any investment as long as you do not follow the “all or none” policy. Therefore, it should be handled well. It can change lives.

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