Many people keep a guest bedroom in their homes. Guest bedrooms are an ideal place to welcome guests for an overnight stay. Some people live in scenic areas where they get lots of guests each year. Others choose to keep a guest bedroom in order to welcome paying guests to their home to help pay a mortgage. One of the most important things to do when creating a guest bedroom is to make sure the bedroom is welcoming and inviting. A guest should feel comfortable the second they see the bedroom. Each guest should find the bed ready for their company. Using the right kind of bed linens can help make sure that any guests really like the bedroom they are given for their stay.

Basic Bedding Needs

Each bed in a guest bedroom will need to have basic bedding. For example, the bed needs to have a mattress, pillows, pillowcases, a bed skirt and varied comforters depending on the time of year. When buying bedding needs, it’s helpful to think about the overall plan for the room. A room that gets lots of sunlight can be bright and cheery. The bedding should reflect this. Rooms that may not get as much light may also benefit from bedding in lighter colors. Look for bedding that can be easily put in the wash as the bedroom will not be used as much. Material that holds up over time and still looks good like linen can be an ideal choice in a room that only has a few occupants each week.

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Adding Details

After picking out the basics, it is time to add detail. A bedroom intended to be a room for paying guests should make the guests fell at home. Think about adding elements designed for comfort. A series of pillows in varied colors can help brighten the room up. A down comforter used as throw is a nice touch. If the room has a fireplace, consider highlighting it by painting it a different color. Put a filmy canopy over a canopy bed for summer guests. Add thicker curtains to help keep in heat during the colder months. Details can make the room feel like a private retreat from the rest of the home.

Welcoming Guests

The ideal guest bedroom is one that invites people in for a short afternoon nap or an evening of pleasant dreams. It’s important to think about how the bed feels. Sit down on it for a few minutes. After placing any bedding on it, sit down again. The entire room should help a guest feel they are being given their own private place where they can enjoy their stay. Each element of bedding should aim to make the room come to life. The bedding should be soft, so all guests can feel relaxed when they are drifting off to sleep. All of the details in the room should work together to create a harmonious place that makes the room shine.


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