For the first time smoker, there are a few things you need to understand about your e-cigarette. You could be a recovering chain smoker or a hardcore vaper, there could be a few facts that you have not encountered previously. This guide will walk you through the essentials.

Apart from the technical aspects, one factor that will heighten your vaping experience is the ejuice that you use. Central Vapours is no stranger to this arena, being one of the most recognized manufacturers of vaping units in the market delivering quality and delivering several types of units for different users.

Each of our flavours uses a special brew of the finest ingredients. Each is created in a way that each user will be able to enjoy these exceptional flavours and textures for e-cigarettes.

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Central Vapours’ Range

We can definitely say that our range is large because no two vapours have similar needs. We ensure that the liquid is fresh, luxurious with every puff and does not use inferior products. Each liquid is handcrafted and filtered through a lengthy process that can deliver results. The curation process is one that has a lot of attention and focus.

For amateurs, the level of nicotine is denoted by the PG/VG ratio that is indicated. We’re confident that you will love what you choose, but do start at a lower range and build your capacity towards it.

If you are not happy with your order, do let us know – we will ensure that you get a replacement. A satisfied customer is at the core of our foundation.

Customising your E-Liquid is Possible

Why stick to the ordinary when you are given liberty to choose just as you wish. Perhaps you need a stronger blend? Or a variety of flavours? Your blend can be customized using our swatches. With this, you can even tell us about the PG/VG levels that you are looking for in the perfect blend so that your vaping experience will remain unparalleled.

For a newbie, the term ‘PG’ is the component that contributes to the flavour and bold flavouring of the e-juice. If you overdo this number it might mar the experience you will have when you vape causing an unpleasant experience in the back of your throat. For the Instagram vapers, the VG levels are what helps you create dense clouding as well as the sweet aftertaste.

Don’t allow us to decide on what works well for you – you can experiment with yourself and feel free to experiment.

How to Make your First Purchase

It’s only natural that you will be left spoilt for choice as there are 150 flavours to choose from – this is why we have created ingenious packs for sampling purposes. This way, you would not have to be left disappointed if the flavour you order does not sit well. We will make sure that you can try and reach your favorite flavour. For more details of flavours and promotions, head over to our site.

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