Divorce is a painful experience for everyone involved, but it hurts the children the most; usually they are witnesses of the ugly fights between the parents. This can lead to psychological trauma that might result in severe complications in later life. Long dragged out custody battles only compound the problem so if you are a parent seeking the Custody of children after a recent Divorces involving children, then you should do your utmost to ensure a quick settlement so that your children’s life may return to some semblance of normalcy.

Here are the things you could do

  1. Try to reach an agreement: you and the other parent should try to talk through the situation and see if an agreement can be reached that is fair to both parties and above all, is beneficial for the children. Mediations often result in quick resolution of the issue.
  2. Hire a lawyer: the custody agreement is a pretty big deal, once the judge has decided on an agreement, it can be very hard to modify the agreement at a later date. So, you should seek out and hire an experienced and reputed lawyer to fight the case for you. He or she will be able to advice you on the best course of action and help you get the evidence in your favor.
  3. Analyze the situation and look for a practical solution: in an ideal world, children of divorced or estranged parents would get to spend their time equally with both parents, but the practicalities of life often make that an impossibility. If the parents live in the same area and are okay with the child spending time with the other parent then there is no issue but if they live far away from each other then it is only practical that the child or children should spend the school year with one parent and the holidays with the other.
  4. Find out your strength and weaknesses as a parent: If you have a stable job and the capability to provide for your child, then this is a big plus point. But you should also have a close bond with the child. If your child is old enough, then his or her in terms of which parent they want to live with will also be taken into consideration. If you have any DUI charges, history of drug abuse, violence or an existing restraining order against you then it will all be counted against you during custody settlement.

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