Controlling noise from outside requires you to come up with various measures to promote noise absorption in the office. You can only reduce the noise if you take noise absorption into consideration. Otherwise, you will be doing nothing. This post will look at ways you can absorb sound as an outdoor noise control technique.


If you have noise problems from the nearest streets, then get some furniture. Buy a spongy coach and put it directly opposite the place where the noise is coming from. The couch sucks in sound waves that hit it, reducing noise in the process. Choose a couch completely made of wood. A coach made of metal or plastic does not absorb sound very well. You can also add a few tables and office chairs or a carpet. A carpet not only absorbs noise from outside, it also controls inside noise. For instance, it can reduce significantly the noise coming from shoe heels.

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Get Some Plants

Plants are the perfect enemies of sound. That is why bushes and forests seem so peaceful. In fact, they help reduce up to 20 percent of noise from outside. Plants are very good at scattering sound. This helps prevent ambient sound from reaching the office. Not to mention, the soft and spongy surfaces of certain plants can absorb sound the same way a couch does. Plants are especially good in reducing echoes that constantly bounce off the office walls.

Get Rid of Hard Surfaces

This might seem very expensive and tiresome, but it is totally worth it. Remember, the rate of success of your company depends on how productive your employees are. If they are unable to concentrate and be productivity because of constant noise, then you can as well close down. Try as much as possible to create a conducive environment for them. Get rid of hard surfaces. This is because hard surfaces deflect instead of absorbing sound. If you have concrete floors, ceilings and walls, replace them with soft materials like acoustic ceiling tiles, carpets or linoleum.


An open office not only promotes inside noise, but it also makes it difficult to control outside noise. Partitioned offices are more efficient at managing noise. Partitions made of fabric material can absorb and reduce the number of sound paths. Panels installed on the walls of the partitions can further reduce the amount of sound that enters the office.

Add Sound Insulators

If you have the money for a major renovation, then you might consider adding insulators to the building. The most effective insulators are made of fiberglass and cellulose. You can add them on the building’s façade, roof and walls to protect your office from outside noise. You can also add large air gaps between the walls.

The level of noise in your office affects the productivity of your employees. A quiet environment reduces distractions and increases their concentration levels. This is in turn makes them more productive. The techniques discussed above will help create a quiet and serene environment for work.

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