There is more to small cities than meets the eye. Take Granbury, Texas, a charming corner in the state that melds history, culture, and a progressive art scene. Far from being remote, the city is just located 35 miles from Fort Worth. There are several reasons why Granbury should be on one’s next must-see destination list.

Steeped in Local History

The city of Granbury is steeped in local history. From commercial to residential buildings, many of these structures across town are considered historical landmarks. Several homes built during the late 19th to early 20th century are included in the list. These restored homes exhibit unique architectural designs, from Neoclassical to the Queen Anne style highly favored during that era. With some of their unique historical details still intact, the homes have their own stories to tell.

Other landmarks show the town’s progress since the late 19th century. These landmarks include the Grand Opera House, the original Granbury Light Plant, and the Old Railroad Depot which spurred growth in the area. So far, 27 structures in Granbury have been acknowledged by the city’s historic preservation commission. More than half of these structures were also historically recognized by the state historical commission of Texas.

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Unique Arts and Culture Scene

The city offers something to delight the senses. In downtown Granbury, several art galleries and museums are located in the city’s historic public square. These art and cultural spaces support local artists by hosting events on a regular basis. Some of the museums are located in landmarks such as the Granbury Light Plant and the Courthouse Museum.

The food scene is another big thing in Granbury. Here, restaurants feature culinary creations that incorporate local ingredients and are steeped in traditional Texan influences. In fact, restaurants often have their own take on traditional recipes. There are also wineries and vineyards in Granbury where owners will gladly help guests bottle their own wine. For those who are into Broadway-type entertainment, the historic Grand Opera House continues to mount theatrical productions on a regular basis. It is now the proud home of the local theater company.

Something For Outdoor Enthusiasts

A project to built a dam in the 1960s formed Lake Granbury. Today, the lake, which covers more than 8,000 acres, attracts visitors from all over the country. To maximize the tourism potential of the lake, the local government invested in boat ramps, piers, and other marine infrastructure. As such, visitors can now enjoy water activities on site, including boating, skiing, and recreational fishing. For fishing enthusiasts, the lake supports several freshwater species such as bass, crappie, and sunfish. There are also hiking trails around the lake area for those who are looking for other outdoor activities.

When planning a tour of Texas, consider including Granbury in the travel itinerary. While retaining its quaint charm, the community continues to develop into a thriving city. Despite the influx of modernity, its rich Southern heritage continues to flourish in the local arts and culture, food, historical attractions, and architectural style.

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