The electric current generators are a valid help in order to have electricity when there is no connection to a public electrical circuit nearby.

The cases in which the need to use a generator set may occur are very varied.  Not only this type of instrument proves extremely useful for those who do not want to renounce any comfort while travelling in campers or devoting themselves to camping, but it is also for other often underestimated situations.

The lack of electricity caused by floods or intense weather conditions can create the emergency of needing a power generator in order to meet the primary needs, such as the maintenance of the refrigerator or the ability to charge mobile phone devices .

This discourse is also valid for offices subject to electricity declines or affected by an interruption of service for works on the line. Even if we do not resort to such extreme and harmful cases, also in other situations there is the need to have to use this type of instruments.

This is e.g. the situation in which construction sites are found, where electricity does not allow the lighting or power needed to operate the work tools used by the workers.

Depending on the use to which the generator set must be intended, there are several aspects to be considered and must be taken into account in order to make a fair and informed purchase.

In order to have further advice and clarifications on this world, the advice is to turn to experts in the field, as is the case of Four Group generators.

Factors to keep in mind to choose the right generator set

It may seem trivial, but one of the first characteristics to consider is noise. A very simple example is enough to clarify what has been said. If e.g. the electricity generator is to be used with a camper or in a campsite, the first absolute feature that must be met is the lack of noise. In these cases, in fact, the genset must be as silent as possible to avoid that excessive noise can be a source of disturbance for itself and for others. Silenced generators are usually provided with a shield that performs a sound-absorbing function, so to dampen the noise produced.

In a construction site, however, in spite of the noise, what matters is the power of the current generator. So the other aspects to consider before the purchase are the type of power, weight and price. The latter is closely linked to the other three, but on equal terms it affects the final choice. As far as power supply is concerned, this is practically the same available for automobile engines, i.e. methane, LPG, diesel and petrol (although some photovoltaic models have recently been developed).

Depending on the type of power supply chosen, you will have certain performances and you will incur higher or lower costs to recharge the generator engine. Regarding the weight, this is also an element linked to the use that must be done. Generally making the difference is the “portability” of the current generator. The fixed ones are in fact heavier than the portable ones but, at the expense of the latter, they are faster and easier to activate.

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