Elements, geographic location, kids or pets can contribute towards the damage of your window screen. All this wear and tear may leave you in need of some window screen repair. Frequently handling the screens by constantly taking them in and out can also increase their wear and tear. However, this can be averted by regularly cleaning your window screens and taking caution while handling them. Ideally, window screens can last up to 15 years under the right conditions but as stated earlier, there are factors that could damage the window screen. Read on to get tips on how to repair your window screen if it gets damaged.

What you should know

Repairing a window screen can be a daunting task if you lack the necessary know how to experience. The good news is that if the frame is in perfect condition, repairs can be done in the shortest time possible.

Aluminum screens are a favorite to many because they are easy to install, clean, durable, and can withstand harsh climatic conditions. The downside, however, is that you only get one chance to fix it as the dents you make with the screen rolling tool cannot disappear. fiberglass is flexible and easy to use. Once you make a mistake, you can always take it out of the frame and start all over again.  It also offers great visibility to the outside world.

Steps to window screen repair

To begin the window repair process, you will require household cement or screen patches putty. For a small hole in the screen, a larger screen patch can fix it. On the contrary, a bigger hole will be repaired by inter-weaved patchwork for a long-term solution. This process will require a needle-nosed pliers.
Whether you’re repairing fiberglass or aluminium window screens, pry out the old rubber strip with a narrow-tipped screw driver or an awl by laying them flat on the floor.  If the rubber strip can’t be reused, change it with a slightly bigger than the former and get rid of the screening to put in a new one.  Don’t worry about the excess parts when covering the window frame as you can always trim it out after you’re done.

To secure the frame securely on the surface, place wooden blocks along the inside of the two longest sides of the frame. The blocks help keep the frames intact as you install the new screen. Using a hammer, push the rubber strip inside the frame after strapping it on the screen. Fill the empty edges with putty once you fix it on the wall.  Afterward, install your repaired screen into the old frame and your window is now as good as new.




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