Another synthetic form of testosterone available as an anabolic androgenic steroid, called Agovirin Depot. This steroid is unique for two reasons, firstly it is water based steroid and not oil based like other popular steroids and secondly there is no ester attached to its base. This synthetic testosterone without ester base is also called testosterone isobutyrate, which is a pure form of testosterone.

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How does it work?

Since, there is no ester attached to this steroid and hence it acts faster as a synthetic testosterone. The term Depot has been added to it which signifies that it is available in the form of an injection. Normally ester is attached to base of any drug like testosterone, so that its absorption is slowed down and therefore it takes little longer to get into the bloodstream. The half life is also gets affected due to ester.

Agrovirin Depot can be considered as raw form of testosterone as there is no ester attached with it to modify and hence it is a pure hormone. Therefore its injection that contains aqueous testosterone depot acts much faster. During the period of 1930 most of the anabolic androgenic steroids used to be testosterone suspension. Nowadays however esters are attached so that its absorption rate is slowed down.

Therefore if you take 100 mg dose of Agrovirin Depot you will get full 100 mg of testosterone where as with ester based testosterone it will be around 70 mg to 80 mg of testosterone depending upon which ester has been attached. .  

What is the advantage?

Following are few benefits of Agovirin Depot

  • Enhanced protein synthesis
  • More production of red blood cells
  • More nitrogen retention in the muscles
  • Release of growth factor from liver may get increased.

Therefore bodybuilders who will use this forms of testosterone will get very fast action of testosterone as compared to ester based testosterone.

Do you want to buy Agrovirin Depot?

Unlike many other common anabolic androgenic steroids, Agovirin Depot is not as easily available in various shops or manufactured by any underground labs. That implies that you have to pay higher prices to buy them.

You can buy it in 2mL ampoules and each ampoule contains approximately 25 mg/mL of testosterone. It is usually mixed with water based solution and before using its injection, it must be shaken well so that crystallized form of testosterone gets suspended in the solution.

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