In the United States, the criminal justice process addresses drug offenders through varieties of management system and rehab procedures instead of incarceration. In order to help millions of teens and adults arrested in drug abuse or drug crime come out of the situation, a series of treatment mechanisms are employed by knowledgeable criminal justice professionals working in the charge. To name a few among these management systems include diverting passive offenders to logical management; emphasizing on healing as a form of incarceration, pre-trial release and observation, probation release.

Mainly drug offends are taken to specialized courts like drug courts which deal with drug offense cases. The judges involved in these courts understand the situation with deep insight, empathy and concern, and accordingly, instruct for treatments as a best alternative rather than incarceration. While under treatment, their progress is monitored with great care, they are offered different types of therapeutic activities that help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

Born in Wisconsin, Adam Quirk is acknowledged as an insightful criminal justice and defense professional. In more than 15 years of his serving the nation as a devoted Criminal Justice professional, he has worked for a number of public enterprises in responsible positions. Supported by Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Criminal Justice he was associated with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) department as an investigator. Prior to working for Drug Enforcement, he was positioned as the special investigator for USIS, stands for the US Investigations Services.

With his long work experience in the DEA, he says that much different from the earlier decades, these days rehab professionals and criminal justice personnel work in conjunction on treatment plan for drug offenders. Since the complexity of the cases varies widely the entire treatment process from screening, testing, implementing management systems, supervision and analysis of developmental phase are done on individualized basis. According to the personality teen drug abuse or adult drug offenders who have brilliant career potential are given full care to get rid of lethal situation. Treatments are also provided for imprisoned drug abusers, and that management process includes continual care, counseling therapy by psychotherapists and continuous supervision after imprisonment.

The FDA or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been responsible to keep the nation and its people protected by monitoring and examination of the use as well as distribution of varieties of pharmacological substances, like prescription drugs or illicit substances sold over the counter. Typically, FDA works in combination with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) in addition to the Bureau of Alcohol-Tobacco-Firearms and Explosives (ATF) since their area of practices is combined with the efforts done by the nation to ensure public safety and safety.

In his professional life, he has also served as Adam Quirk FBI for the most esteemed Federal Bureau of Investigation as its criminal investigator. While in FBI, with his great expertise in cellular technology, he travelled all across the US and worked with the federal agents in different places by using radio frequency in course of criminal investigation. He is also supported by MBA from the university of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

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