Any business happens to grow only if the marketing of the same has been done in the most efficient and effective manner. Some organizations in various parts of the world go in for marketing practices for philanthropic reasons. In simple words, they do charity in some or the other form to get tax benefits, rebates and other kinds of discount schemes in the long run.

Mark Arabo and the relationship between Corporate Philanthropy

Mark Arabo is of the opinion that the concept of corporate philanthropy is much in use just to have tax benefits and redemption in whatever manner possible. But that is not the case so. It fulfills not just the financial aspects but other aspects of the business too. It brings in a feeling of competition if they are planned properly and executed accordingly. More and more consumers get to know about such corporate firms and are willing to work for them at whatever price. The business is far better for them as compared to other corporate. They have a brand image and good name in the market among the consumers.

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Employees of such organizations are keener to work and dedicate whatever part they can in whatever form. In fact, recruiting people for such organizations is not a big task and can be handled easily by the human resources department. Monetarily too these organizations fair better in the market and have a good standing among the consumers and related parties as well.

Corporate philanthropy takes the business to places with effective marketing techniques

In fact, one can very well say that corporate philanthropy happens to put the business in good health. It is important for the overall growth and development of the business as a whole. If a business is doing good and making profits then the owners would always believe in doing charity and charity related projects for the further success of the business. Thus, marketing has a vital role to play in any business.

It is always essential to market the plans in the best of the packets so that others get to know about the company and various works carried on behalf of the same. Marketing makes a huge difference and it is better to understand and accept this fact at the very first stage itself. Right kind of marketing brings in positive results in various forms. Though it sounds little awkward to speak about the corporate philanthropic plans on its own but most of the times, it is very much needed. It should be done and not given amiss.

Corporate philanthropy can be carried out by bringing in more and more people together and that too for a common cause. The company or the organization in question must spread its wings and reach to the maximum people for higher benefits in all aspects. One to one session with the consumers helps increase the business and take it to greater heights.

Thus people like Mark Arabo must be followed and personal dedication and time commitment should be the fundamental of any organization in question. This is the sole and whole mantra behind success and greater achievement.

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