There are so many advantages to buying a used car in India today that it is hard to count them on fingertips. This is precisely the reason why an increasing number of people are choosing to purchase used Toyota Innova in Bangalore instead of a brand new car. While the obvious reasons are there for everybody to see we will talk about the not-so-obvious ones.

Save During Purchase & Sell

A buyer of a second hand Indica car saves big time when he is purchasing the car. He does not have to pay additional price for the extra features that the car has like anti rust coating or special paint coat. A new car buyer has to pay extra for them. However these features have no value when the car is out for resale. So he saves on this cost.

Now when an Indica car is brought out in the market for third hand sale it still finds takers in the market. The car fetches a decent price for the owners even in second resale.

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Save In Depreciation

A new car depreciates a lot faster in the market than a second hand car. A car will start depreciating right from the moment it is out of the showroom. The rate of depreciation applies to the purchase price of the car. So since the purchase price of a new car is more the buyer of a new car stands to lose more compared to the buyer of a used car.

Get Latest Features at Cheaper Rate

In most of the cases when you buy a second hand car that is 3 years old, you get all the latest features offered by the OEM. However you get these features at a cheaper rate.

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