Playing golf doesn’t come easy to anyone, nor is anyone born with the talent of playing golf. It does not have humongous fan following but for those know the game have always been in love with it. It is one game that challenges your abilities to keep control of the club at the same time a control over your body as well as hitting the ball at the precise spot to send it far down the lie. Omari Betts is a graduate who is very fond of playing golf, and he shares his knowledge of the game by teaching it to underprivileged children during his leisure.

Apparently it may seem that golf is a very easy game that involves the hitting of a tee ball with a golf club and sending it as far as possible; but that is not true, there is a lot more to it. Your stance or position and the way you hold the club play a very important role in your playing. Equally important is the way you hit ball, because a very mundane problem faced by all golfers is that of ‘slicing’.

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Knowing the Terminologies of Golfing From Omari Betts

Slicing refers to the cutoff of the ball when it is not hit appropriately; this causes the ball to take unwanted diversions making the game extremely difficult. From professionals to mere players of golf like Omari Betts everyone has faced this obstacle while playing golf and therefore it is necessary for those who intend to play the game to get some understanding of how this slicing is caused and how it can be avoided.

The basic reasons that may cause the slicing of the ball include: – you are either swinging the club from outside to the inside, or the path through which the ball is to travel is open to the clubface at the moment of the hit. To rectify this you could two things; one is square the clubface and two is make the swing on an inside path nice and square.

A very common cause of slicing the ball is a weak grip of the golfer, this means that the clubface is free to move easily and open up. To put this in order all you have to do is check your grip on the club. You have to make sure that a ‘V’ is formed by your index finger and thumb and it points towards your right ear, it should not be too far left of the grip. To verify the position check whether when you look down you are able to see only the two knuckles of your left hand.

Fixing your out swing path is another vital thing to do, it helps you get the most straight shots in an inside square path. Once you have worked on your out swing, you need to square your clubface at the time of impact. This can be done by simply making the clubface square at the address and then throughout the whole swing.

Practicing these things repeatedly will ensure you to have an extremely satiating game of golf.

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