Everyone has cravings for the perfect dosa now and then. You must have too. But when you go into the kitchen to prepare yourself the perfect dosa, you must feel that it isn’t as perfect as the dosa you get at restaurants. The reason behind that is having all the ingredients and knowing what to do isn’t enough to make the perfect dosa. You should have an appliance like a portable dosa makerthat would make it. Here are a few features that a dosa maker should have to make it perfect:

  1. Non-Stick Surface:

Every portable dosa maker has a non-stick surface to make it easy to take a prepared dosa out of the pan. Flipping dosas might not be that easy if you use a conventional tava without non-stick surface.

Non-stick surfaces also ensure that there is no older food residue on the surface. The old food residue is the cause of stale food and food poisoning.So, having no residue would make sure your food is fresh and ready to serve.

  1. Variety of Food:

A dosa maker not used to make only dosa. The electric nature of the pan and shape of the modern appliance allow you to make various dishes that are thin and round. You can make omelettes excellently. Other dishes include simple chillas and crepes. All these snacks can be easily made using the dosa maker in a healthy and efficient manner. Therefore, get restaurant-style food right at home by just purchasing the right dosa maker.

  1. Oil-Free Cooking:

These non-stick dosa makers don’t need oil to makedosa, omelettes etc. All they need are the ingredients. You can just set up your ingredients, put them on the dosa maker and wait for it to complete after which you have the perfect dosa or other dishes and that too healthy. Without oil, the problems with health and taste not going hand in hand gets solved and you get healthy and tasty food within minutes.

  1. Cook and Serve Design:

These lightweight appliances have a simple cook-and-serve design. So, you don’t have to useseparate utensils for serving.You can use the same appliance to cook the dosa as well as serve it.

  1. LowPower Consumption:

Dosa makers generally consume less power to make the perfect dosa and that too quickly. All you need to do is switch the dosa maker on and the power is pre-set. That way, you don’t need to worry about over-cooking or undercooking your meal as the dosa maker would take care of perfectly cooking the dosa for you.

The advancements in technology have made cooking easier. Appliances like dosa maker are a must-have for your kitchen as they allow you to make delicious delicacies with minimum amount of time and effort. They are inexpensive and certainly worth every penny that you pay. There should be absolutely no reason to not have a dosa maker as a part of your kitchen appliance range.

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