LED lighting represents the future. The number of global users is expected to rise by 20% over the next few years and please ensure that you’re one of the first to switch from standard lighting to LED lighting solutions.

LED lighting is extremely cost and energy efficient so bills will reduce, as will the carbon footprint your lighting produces, which is excellent for you and the planet.

Maintenance costs can be reduced by as much as 95% with several LED lighting solutions, that’s a welcome boost to your bank balance.

The lifespan and performance of LED lighting is outstanding. Enjoy clear, maximum visibility light.

Changing to LED lighting – a true ‘light bulb moment’?

Experts, for example the team at LED by Vision, can establish the correct colour temperature for your lighting with reference to environment and applications. Humans have evolved so that when they see blue light the central nervous system becomes alert. This is called the Circadian Principle. When LED lighting is utilised, at the correct colour temperature, this results in higher concentration and productivity levels.

Retrofit LED lighting was one of the earliest fitting types and it has remained popular, functional and aesthetically pleasing to many clients who enjoy products from retrofit LED bulbs like the E27 R20 to the T8 Flouro-style tube lights.  Within a LED lighting design system these devices have a key place.

At the time of writing, LED by Vision is offering a 10% discount when you use code LBVRET1 so it may be time to investigate your options.

Specialists carry out a site survey and work with the clients to ascertain their exact needs.

A design is then created which presents the client with the best LED lighting system solution.

Some firms offer a trial run of products to assure clients’ that what they’ve recommended is perfect for the application. This is at no cost to the client.

Firms should also be able, and willing, to provide a report detailing the outlay and return on investment calculations.

LED by Vision also has an online calculator for clients which is simple to use and very informative.

Always check that the LED lighting firm works with trusted project managers and electrical contractors. The firm you’re dealing with should manage the process from first contact to installation and beyond.

Please check what their aftercare comprises of, it’s always helpful to have a knowledgeable, experienced person to talk to.

LED retrofit solutions examples:

As mentioned above, the E27 R20 bulb and the Flouro-Style T8 tubes are retrofit products; they are in great demand.

The E27 R20 delivers 91% energy savings and 95% maintenance savings, it employs chip on board technology, is designed for maximum longevity lumen output and provides outstanding light quality.

The T8 tubes offer welcome energy savings of 63% and maintenance savings of 95% The retrofit T8 has an additional lifespan of 40000 hours. These tubes can be installed in to existing fittings with slight modifications. Quick, simple and effective.

Speak to a professional, renowned market leader about retrofit LED lighting and enjoy peace of mind.

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