Infectious diarrhea or gastroenteritis refers to the inflammation of the stomach and the small intestine. General symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, lethargy and severe dehydration. Infectious diarrhea can be caused due to infections by viruses, bacteria, parasites or even fungus, and these are transmitted by contaminated water, food and close contact with the affected individual. Infectious diarrhea affects people of all ages, but in children are proven to be more prone to be affected. If not managed promptly and adequately, infectious diarrhea can be fatal, causing about 1.3 million deaths globally every year. More than 700,000 children below the age of five are dying each year due to this deadly disease, and these children mostly belong to the underprivileged class of the society where they do not get a timely diagnosis or proper treatment. NGOs and people are working to prevent any more death from infectious diarrhea, but what they lack is funding. This disease is so widespread that they require colossal funding to continue their work and that is Crowdfunding India says that crowdfunding is the only way through which they can continue their good work.

Infectious diarrhea affects more people and has been proven to be fatal for the people from the developing countries, like India. The reasons why developing countries are more at risk are poor sanitation, poor hygiene, and inadequate prognosis. Infectious diarrhea spreads like a fire in the slums of India because mostly they have a shared, open water body and they defecate in the open. That is why NGOs are continually working educating people about hygiene, giving them medicines, vaccinations, guidance and improving their living conditions. Crowdfunding India suggests that it is a social responsibility for the ordinary people to join hands in these great initiatives and help these organizations with as much funding as we can provide.

Crowdfunding India says that for such a great cause NGOs can quickly start online crowdfunding via any fundraiser websites. Organisations need a constant pool of money and the only way to ensure this constant cash flow is by crowdfunding. Some organizations are working on building permanent washrooms for the people who still defecate openly enhancing the risk of contracting this disease infinitely. Crowdfunding India says that these organizations can quickly start a campaign with a goal of building a certain number of bathrooms or vaccinating a certain number of individuals and the amount of money required for that can be set as the goal amount.

Online crowdfunding can help you gather a substantial amount of funding easily, effortlessly and within a small amount of time. As opposed to the manual crowdfunding where people mostly doubt the legitimacy of these fundraisers, Crowdfunding India says that online crowdfunding is the best way since donors are completely sure about the legitimacy of the campaign and can donate freely. Donors from any part of the world can come forward and donate whatever the amount they. All you have to do is put the word around, share the fundraiser campaign on social media platforms, send emails, talk to your friends, relatives, colleagues and make sure that the campaign gets enough exposure.

Affected individuals need to be treated with antibiotics, antiemetics or antimotility agents. Dietary supplements, ORT, probiotics are crucial for the management of the disease. In a lot of cases, the patients need to be hospitalized immediately. People from areas where the condition is more common, can be vaccinated to control the fatality. In these circumstances, you can take up emergency crowdfunding, to make up for the immense amount of funding you need immediately.

Crowdfunding India says that if an epidemic breaks loose or any other medical emergencies, online crowdfunding is the quickest option to gather funding. All you have to do is start a campaign. Volunteers cannot waste time running from donors to donors, whereas in online crowdfunding, you don’t have to put in any manual labor. And since the donations and all the other transactions are made online, you can get the funding anytime, anywhere. So if you want to start your fundraiser to combat infectious diarrhea, visit the Crowdfunding India page today and find out how it works.

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