Taking care of your septic tank will help increase the its life span and help in reducing the overall maintenance cost. There are a number of ways you can ensure your septic system stays healthy and you don’t have to worry about any failures.

Not every waste is right for the tank

It is important to watch what you flush. This is because there are certain wastes that not only clog up the system but also lead to deterioration. This is because some waste cannot be broken down in the septic tank.

Some of the things include diapers which can be found in your house in abundance if you have an infant or toddler. The material that is used to make diapers is absorbent and waterproof. This on the other hand cannot decompose or break down thus it will clog the pipes instead and not allow flow of waste. Other things that shouldn’t end up in your septic tank include coffee grounds, car litter, paper towels, dental floss, baby wipes among other things. So you should understand the nature of the waste before disposing.

Use the correct treatments

It is important that you use the required septic treatments. This is to ensure that you eliminate any blockage since the right treatments have the bacteria which consume waste in the system. When you don’t use the right treatment you make the system vulnerable to clogging and deterioration from chemicals which in the end results in system failure.

Pumping on time

Regularly and effective pumping the tank will increase the longevity of the tank. Usually you are required to pump between 3 – 5 years depending on the size of the tank. Hire a good company that offers excellent septic service – truckxpress services so that you can be assured that you don’t have to worry about it in a couple of years.

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