Agile teams are comprised of groups of cross-functional individuals. These individuals work in close collaboration with each other. The goal is singular: to add maximum value to the project or the organization. This is done with complete transparency to form a cohesive unit. Agile team development online training is the need of the hour.

The success of the project depends on a very simple parameter. It is the interaction between team members. It plays an extremely important role in the entire gambit. It is extremely critical for every agile management course. It is important that that each team member understands his or her role in the context. This needs to be done keeping in mind the overall project framework.

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This entire course is designed and based on the practices and philosophies underlying Agile methodology.

Who is this course curated for

This course is typically ideal for is ideal for software development teams. This applies to teams who are new to Agile. It continues to hold meaning even for established Agile teams who would like to be more effective. Anyone involved in an agile project can opt for this certification. One who wants to get the most value out of working as a part of an Agile team can attend this course.

A deep dive into the agenda of the course

The course aims at covering various aspects of this certification. It starts from forming the core of the certification. It covers introduction to Agile principles and Scrum techniques. It deals with the importance of the team in Agile.

Moving on, Belbin Team Roles are covered. Learning is also imparted regarding using Belbin to resolve conflict. A session on norming and performing thereafter aims at covering the other important bits. It talks about Agile collaboration and the formation of better teams.

What are the benefits of this certification

The course goes a long way in enabling employees to survive in the industry. This makes them highly employable at the same time. The course covers and understands the philosophy behind Agile principles. It also briefly discusses the Scrum techniques and their vitality.

This course leads to more benefit when undertaken in a team. As a team it goes a long way to aid in understanding. It imparts knowledge about the roles within an agile team and how to tackle them. It will enable employees by helping them learn better as to how to contribute and collaborate. It offers direct understanding of how to become a member of an agile team.

It helps to discover the behavioural strengths and weaknesses of your teammates and yourself. These learnings can be implemented very well in the end. One can use this knowledge to the advantage of the team. This imparts learning regarding the Belbin Team Roles. This goes a long way in developing and helping to build high-performing teams. It aids to maximise working relationships and resolve conflict.

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