Corner gas fireplaces add beauty and warmth to a family room, living room, basement or den. The benefits are these gas fireplaces fit even very small spaces and larger rooms. It depends on the style you choose.  Don’t worry about odd shaped rooms these fireplaces will fit into corners and nooks easily.  They come in different sizes so they fit large, small, and medium shaped rooms. Using a gas fireplace means you never have to chop wood, haul coal, or worry about sparks. It is constant fuel.

A gas fireplaces saves on your energy bill by at least 25% and comes with a venting system so you do not need a fireplace. It has fast ignition and often turns on with the push of a button. Some are operated with remote controls so you can turn them on from anywhere. Many have timers that can turn off the corner gas fireplace for you when at certain times of day. These fireplaces have fans that circulate heat and a thermostat to keep temperature consistent.

Another benefit of gas fireplace is that they require little maintenance. The fuel must be connected properly and values kept clean. There is no ash or burnt wood to clean. It generates few by products and produces a clean heat. Gas is a consistent heat and stays at the same temperature until you turn it off or lower the temperature. It reduces the electricity bill.  One room can be heated and the temperature lowered in other areas of the house.

Corner gas fireplaces come in many varying styles made of different materials, and sizes.  They fit every type of home decor. Gas fireplaces have grates, real looking logs, or modern designs with flames on rocks. They have three different types of vents to suit your home or apartment. Choose from direct vents, vent free, or natural vents. Some gas fireplaces have wood mantles made of mahogany, cherry, oak, and pine.

Gas fireplace are easy to install you can add them to a fireplace or mount them on the wall. Many are vented through the wall. They are less expensive than installing a real fireplace. The produce no toxic fumes or sparks.  High end fireplaces have controls that monitor temperature and the burner. These controls keep temperatures consistent.

Corner gas fireplaces add style to any roomproviding clean heat without the work of stocking wood or coal. It is a good choice for families or individuals that want to add style to their homes and save on fuel.

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