The youngsters should choose a new way to developing themselves by choosing to build their career in the agricultural field. The students are turning their faces towards agricultural courses instead of doing engineering and MBA. This is making the students enjoy their life in a better way because this lets them get involved in interesting activities and make them a member of sustainable development.

  • Observation of the environment

First of all, the students are made learn to observe the nearest environment including soil, air, water and species of the plants. They will be taught to compare the natural surroundings with each other in order to make sure that a particular plant can be grown at a place.

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  • Interaction with students

There is unique interaction developed between the teachers and the students. They are provided with the best knowledge. The students develop a habit of learning at the raktamachat. This is a kind of place which makes them able to enjoy while studying the farming techniques.

  • Improving soil quality

They are made understood that the soil quality is required to be best for the proper growth of the plants. Various tips are given to the students so that they can improve the quality of soil on their own. This will enable them to enjoy the farming by using new techniques every day.

  • Add fencing around the farm

The students are made understood that it is necessary to use the fencing around the farm and the teachers make the students learn the way to add a fence around a given area.

  • No waste production

While doing the farming methods or procedures, the students are not allowed to make any waste. The organic waste can be used as fertilizers and hence the students are able to learn the best sustainable techniques at the raktamachat.


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