Out of all the precious things, one thing that most people are crazy about is good food.  In addition to being the capital city of our country, Delhi can also be referred to as the food capital of India because of the number and variety of dishes along with multiple cuisines that are offered.

When a person goes out to have a meal with his or her friends or family, it is a common tendency to pick those eating places that serve more than just a single variety or cuisine. The reason for this is that if someone does not like to have a particular dish or a particular cuisine, then they have the liberty to order something else according to their choice.

Here are some of the top food paradises in Delhi that are popular for serving the best multi-cuisine delights:

  1. YoloRestro Cafe- YoloRajouri Garden is very popular amongst the food lovers of Delhi. The best part about this resto cafe is its cost. It offers the best quality and tasty dishes at a low cost. The different types of cuisines served at this restaurant are Continental, Italian, Chinese, Mughlai and North Indian. The overall ambience of the restaurant is very amicable and friendly and makes sure that the customer feels relaxed and enjoysthe meal. In the Rajouri garden area, it is one of themost-visited cafes by people. The sophisticated ambience, comfortable wooden furniture and availability of many cuisines make it a great package.
  2. K2 Multi-Cuisine Restaurant- This restaurant is located in the popular shopping hub of Delhi (that is Lajpat Nagar). It offers all the people shopping in this area great respite along with a great meal. The main attraction of this restaurant is the multiple cuisines that it offers.It serves Tibetan, North Indian, Nepalese, Mughlai and Korean cuisines. All these cuisines have a large number of dishes and whatever you order is guaranteed to be tasty. K2 experiences the maximum crowd during the breakfast hours. The ambience is classy and elegant and makes the guests feel welcomed here.
  3. Mauryan Multi-Cuisine Restaurant- Located in Laxmi Nagar, this is a great place if you are looking forward to enjoy many dishes fromdifferent cuisines. Mauryan Multi-Cuisine Restaurant is quite famous for its North Indian dishesand Chinese delicacies. The walls of the restaurants are adorned by the pictures of legendary Hollywood actors and actresses. The marble tables along with the black couches add an extra dash of elegance to the entire setting.
  4. Pirates of the Grill- If you are craving to have some finger-licking good barbeque food then you must visit Pirates of the Grill, which is situated at MG Road. Itoffers a large variety of barbeque dishes from multiple cuisines such as Mediterranean, North Indian, Mughlai, Continental and Asian. It is also popular for offeringgreat value for money and its classy ambience. The different types of lights along with the glittering chandeliers accentuate the overall look and make it look even better.

All these restaurants are quite popular amongst the Delhi crowd and have received excellent feedback from all its customers. Whenever you want to savour multi-cuisine dishes, these are the places that you must try.

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