Online shopping in India has come a long way from taking those first few tentative steps. Today it is a force to reckon with. Some of the online shopping websites which are currently making waves in India are:

  1. com: This outlet sells everything from books to electronic items, toys, clothes, and a lot of other items.
  2. in: The world famous website which specialises in selling products, services and goods. Auctions are also held from time to time.
  3. com: Offering discounts galore this website sells accessories, clothes, handicrafts and a host of other related things.
  4. com: Owned by the Future group, they offer good variation of prices on their products.

  1. com: The place for mobiles and other electronic goods, it is the only website where the product price decreases with increase in the number of people buying it.
  2. com: Exclusively an Indian e-commerce company which sells a whole lot of products from jewellery to garments etc.
  3. com: It is currently the online apparel king of India and offers extensive discounts and lucrative prices.
  4. com: The number of transactions that take place in one day make it the largest e-commerce website in India in this aspect.
  5. in: Offering multiple choices for each product, this website sells over 8 million items.
  6. com: It is an exclusively fashion website which seeks to redefine the fashion scene in India.
  7. com: This amazing website is well known for its deals and discounts.
  8. com: Home decor products and furniture has never seemed as lucrative as when sold in this website.

  1. This website is famous for the electronic items on display and the lucrative prices of the same.
  2. com: Products offered are limited but prices are very attractive.
  3. com: Known to sell branded clothes, cosmetics, utilities, accessories etc., this website with its display of the latest designer sarees is a must visit for the ladies.
  4. com: This website is exclusively dedicated to selling footwear.
  5. com: Along with electronic items, this website sells a lot of things of interest for children and babies.
  6. com: This is a one stop online shop for baby products.
  7. com: Get the best of Indian and international cosmetics of highly reputed companies in this website.
  8. com: This website is quite popular and offers several options for single product.

There are innumerable other websites which are also doing online business in India. But the above given list pertains to the best and most reliable of the same.


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