We Would Not Have Made It Without The Corolla

I cannot imagine how we would have had the same success in planning my daughters dream wedding without my handy dandy Toyota Corolla Baltimore. 

As I Look Back It Was A Dream Come True

As the Mother of the Bride and the honorary Matron of Honor I knew I had a great task on my hands. I could not imagine handling a petulant bride without a car. When she announced her two year engagement, I was overjoyed. Wow, but I needed a new car.

A Car Shopping We Will Go

The Carolla was perfect -a smaller sedan but not too small – just the perfect size. We knew we would be running around alot and the Corolla was ideal. The gas economy numbers were out of this world, (30 mpg city and 40 mpg highway). When our salesperson gave me the price for the Corolla I nearly screamed out loud with delight. “Yes, draw up the paperwork, we’ll take it” – and hurry, we have a wedding to plan.

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The Ice Capades

We had a wedding fair we were going to that was around 40 miles from our home. She was ice flooded in but being the determined little bride-to-be that she was I knew she would troop it up anyway. She didn’t disappoint me. Lo and behold early that Sunday morning she called me and asked me if I thought I could make it to her door.

The Corolla zipped right through the flood waters – no problem – next stop wedding cake tasting.

Of all the wedding venues we viewed, I always arrived in style in my gleaming Camry. While she discussed the seating arrangement I reveled in my blind spot monitoring system feature. Wow I could drive around in comfort, nod when appropriate and offer my feedback only when requested all while navigating safely in my ride.

Getting the wedding dress home wasn’t a problem either the roomy backseat accommodated the gorgeous dress and had room to spare.

Toyota Corolla Baltimore

It was the motorized yet silent member of the wedding party!

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