Residing in the fastest growing cosmopolitan city like Bangalore is not a doodle thing. The average monthly per capital income of Bangaloreans was approximately Rs.22615 in 2015-16. In addition to the above data, a single person monthly expenditure is Rs.21029, excluding rent. Bangalore has a cost of living index of 29.8, and stood 481st out of 509 cities in 2016.

With such “not easy to swallow” figures, it becomes a cardinal need for the resident to own a private mode of transportation. Also, the policies addressed by The Ministry of Urban Development (Govt.of India) laid a great deal of emphasis upon the use of public transport, so as to restrain increasing urban road congestion and apply chains to the pollution caused because of them. It involves the hike in parking tax, road tax, service tax, and etcetera.

Therefore, the mere thought of buying a brand new car (needn’t to be a luxury one) in a city like Bangalore punches the light pocket of middle class herd who exist in majority everywhere.

But fulfilling the necessities is in core and the very nature of the humans, since Stone age. So, it becomes a smart and an economical alternative to go for second hand cars in bangalore. Various studies reveal that a new car lose 40% of its value within couple of years beside servicing. Also the various other taxes, in case of used cars are already paid by their previous owner during the time of registration and stuff.

There exist an ocean of websites which allows us to go through various choices and models. However, it is necessary for us to check the cyber history of that website and not to get carried away with the misleading information. If possible, one must pay a physical visit to the advertiser and check the functioning of the vehicle as per his/her requirement.

The foremost advantage of second hand cars is that their price range is steep and bargainable. Various other offers, if advertised by the site can get you a car for a song. Luxury cars such as Jaguar XF can be bought within a price of approx. Rs.40Lacs. Now that’s a good bargain and good business. Purveyor offers 30-50% discount on the normal cars and sedans in unscathed condition.

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