Since 1986 Vei group develops and manufactures weighing systems on board the loading means and does so paying attention to details such as:

  • the microelectronics of the components;
  • load cells for heavy-duty jobs;
  • cpu cards;
  • assembly of the cards with robotics;
  • quality control;
  • the final test of the product.

Once completed, the product is submitted to the EMC test (electromagnetic compatibility test) and to the heavy-duty TÜV test (laboratory equipped to evaluate and submit to mechanical tests). If it passes these tests, it receives MID (measuring instruments directive 2014/32 / EU) approval for sale.

Vei products: what they are and what they are for

The Vei products exist to lighten the days of those who do heavy work such as loading or unloading goods and materials, and the Vei Group does it with a series of products.

Millennium5. It is an on-board weighing system for production control.

Helperx. On-board weighing system with data management to track sales.

Helper mini. On-board weighing system for small machines.

Dumperload. For weighing on board mining dumpers.

Sherpa. Weighing on board of trucks circulating on the road.

Alpha. Inclinometer with MEMS technology (nanotechnology) with RS485 or CANBUS output.

Iweight. Weighing with CANBUS connection for multi platform.

Ipotweb. Software for tracking loads directly on tablets or Smartphone.

Vei builds ideas based on simplicity and just look at the Millennium5 applications to understand how far you can get with these weighing devices as it recognizes the right weight for the production phase,

A specialized company needs a methodical and unforeseen logistics, especially when the production involves large quantities of orders to be evaded daily.

The Millennium5 system stands out as an ideal candidate to help in these operations because it is able to continuously weigh the load carrying capacity of the vehicles that move the materials.

This saves time, improves the management of suppliers, warehouse goods and even products delivered to customers.

Millennium5 is an instrument that can be updated and is also intuitive, becoming an indispensable element in the control of movement as it prevents overloading of trolleys, which could be damaged due to excessive weight or drop the load, optimizing the load of flow.

The system is also able to identify the load associated with each customer, to each product moved, to the site and to the machine that moves the load.

And what about production reports? Millennium5 at the end of each operation communicates to the management software the reports via USB or Wireless,  also for precise dates, the load history and all the data useful for monitoring the company. This also allows a reduction in the working time of the administrative sector and a considerable simplification.

Millennium5 can be used in any field of cargo: agricultural, waste collection, mining, construction, logistics. In short, the ways of this weighing system are truly endless.

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