Many of us know someone who has purchased an ATV or a snowmobile, or have purchased one ourselves. These vehicles provide endless amusement for their owners, as well as have use in professional settings such as lifeguarding. When you choose to purchase a snowmobile, though, you should be careful to keep the paperwork that accompanies your purchase. All receipts and licenses should be kept in a safe place. Additionally, you will be given a booklet called a “service manual”. In this article, we are going to explain what a service manual is, as well as why you should keep it around for the future.

What is a service manual?

A service manual is a booklet that helps the owner with concerns that they may have regarding their new product. The booklet details all of the parts comprising the item, as well as troubleshooting for simple issues that may arise from the use of the product. Examples include instructions on changing the engine oil and tips on how to read the gauges in the dash. The service manual is meant to be written in its simplest terms, so that it caters to the audience that has purchased the item. As most owners of snowmobiles are not well versed in technical jargon, the service manuals will avoid this complicated language as must as possible.

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Who Needs a service manual?

It is safe to say that anyone who has purchased a snowmobile should own a service manual for their purchase. It is easy to think that you’ll never need the booklet, so you choose to toss it into the trash. This may come back to bite you though, as you never know when you’ll find yourself needing that manual. When the inevitable does happen, you’ll be practically lost when trying to repair your vehicle. Additionally, mechanics should own a few copies of manuals for the most popular snowmobile models. This way you’ll be prepared for whatever vehicle a customer may bring into your shop.

Where Can You Find Copies of service manuals?

If you come to realize that your service manual is missing, there’s no reason to fret. With the evolution of the internet, there are plenty of online retailers that sell copies of service manuals for any make or model that you may own. You’ll likely be able to find a copy of the manual you need without a lot of hassle.

Why Should You Keep Your service manual?

Keeping your service manual in a safe place is of the utmost importance for snowmobile owners. This booklet is a free wealth of information that can be highly beneficial to owners. While they can be replaced, this step can easily be avoided if you simply keep an eye on the location of your original manual.


Purchasing an ATV or snowmobile is a great addition to anyone’s life. Whether for personal or professional use, these vehicles provide an abundance of use for the owner. Along with receipts and other paperwork, new owners will receive a service manual with their ATV purchase. These handy booklets help breakdown the “ins” and “outs” of the machine in a way that any reader can understand. If you find yourself purchasing a snowmobile, you should keep track of this booklet to save you any potential struggle in the future.

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